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All top level athletes have coaches to keep them at peak performance and at the top of their game.   Motorsport is no different however a lapse in concentration whilst traveling at speeds in excess of 110 mph with a sheer drop, a driver cannot afford.  Over time drivers can have a tendency to get comfortable with a pace and ease back rather than pushing themselves beyond that comfort zone - that can be the difference between winning and losing.

Sometimes just a simple thing such as braking distances, steering  or a suspension adjustment can give you those vital few seconds that get you on the podium. 

Have one of our coaches spend some time in the car with you to ensure you are getting the most out of your car and your ability.  


To be able to provide driver coaching takes more than being able to win races.  Some drivers have a natural feel and  ability to control a car at speeds and just react to cars movements like second nature.    Being able to coach drivers at speed is a skill on it own.   ​  Watching the stage ahead as well as the driver,  pre-empting the reactions of the  driver and the car to the drivers input means the instructor always needs to be thinking that one step head.  Patience and clear communication is paramount.

Peter has  provided instructor training for greats including the late Richard Burns.


Please contact us if you are interested in coaching or running a Rally Course in your area.

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Previous Clients

Conrad Rautenbach - WRC Driver  (Zimbabwe)

Richard Hammond -  Top Gear Presenter(uk)

Shane Lynch - Popstar - Boyzone (uk)

Andrew Jordan - British Touring Car Champion (uk)

Danny Way - Skateboarder - USA

Ammar Hijazi - MERC Driver (Jordan)

Faris Hijazi - MERC Driver(Jordan)

Jo Guest - Glamour Model, Presenter (Uk)

Jordan - Katie Price - Glamour Model (Uk)

Dale - National Driver (Jamaica)

Ron Layne - National Driver (Barbados)

Imran Mogul -  (Kenya)

Louise Goodman - F1 Presenter

Pat Symonds - F1

Jackie Shroff - Actor (India)

Christian Sherr - National Driver (Barbados)

Rob Collard - British Touring Car Driver (uk)

Justin Lee-Colllins - Comedian (uk)

Gary Newman - Popstar (uk)

Rio - Gladiator (uk)

Boyzone's Shane Lynch Rally Driving
 Rallying with Richard Hammond
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Map in Grass

The Peter Gwynne Motorsport Team travel worldwide providing tuition and driver coaching to all levels, from beginners to  World level. 

Countries previously visited include Zimbabwe, Kenya, Jamaica, Tanzania, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon and Norway. 

NORWAY:  January 2019 - Feb 2019


Due to the high level of accidents on the roads of India, Peter Gwynne was invited out to India to assist in the set up and development of the project Automission Motorsport Advanced Driving School. 

The vision of Pradeep Nair,  Ashok, Neelay and Viral Oza is to provide a safe environment for drivers to learn how to drive safely as well as providing a variety of tracks to allow motorsport competition in a bid to make the roads of India a safer place.

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