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Coaching & Test Days

Join us at this fantastic forest stage near Bradford where we can offer a number of options:

Driver Coaching - From beginners to international competitors, we can provide coaching to help drivers develop their level of car control on the gravel.  It is easy to get comfortable with your driving and not push yourself to gain those vital few seconds that makes the difference from winners to runners up.

Swift Test:  Test drive one on the Suzuki Swifts used in both the Swift Rallycross Championships and also the Swift Rally Series.  If you are looking at getting into motorsport what better way than try a competition car that allows you to progress and compete in a class you have the opportunity to win!

With the tight controls of these one-make classes you can get out and compete with the chance to win!  Where talent over budget WINS!


Tell me more!

With only a maximum of FOUR drivers per instructor the emphasis is on driver coaching rather than just an experience
Arrival time:  8:45 am or 12:45 pm
Signing on
Meet your instructor
Necessary formalities and chat to discuss experiences and aims
Sorry no long winded briefings here,
lets get in the car and see what you can do!
Whilst the stage may be considered challenging for a beginner, we do not run beginners and advanced courses - your time in the car is all about you!   Our select instructors are able to pick up from your current level and work from there, whether you are a novice wanting to get confidence with a car sliding or wish to perfect your left foot braking we just adapt our coaching to suit the individual.
How much time will I have in the car?
Again with coaching being the key, we cannot say the exact minutes or amount of laps you will get in the car, although you will get a minimum of three driving sessions on a half day course.  It will depend on what you are comfortable with and your physical fitness and concentration levels.  
For some, shorter more frequent sessions work best, however others take a while for it to come together.  If your are just about to master a technique the last thing you want to hear is 'times up!'  We push through and get it feeling right.  If you are having a nightmare run, we will stop on the stage and refocus or come in for a cuppa to allow the mind to calm down ready to go and give it another go rather than waste time getting frustrated!
Half day courses conclude at either 12:30 pm or 4:30 pm
Full day courses you get the more of the same!  9 am - 4:30 pm
Minimum six driving sessions.

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