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Latvian Rallycross driver Roberts Vitols announces full Championship program in Motorsport UK Junior Rallycross Championship with Peter Gwynne Motorsport for 2019.

Vitols soon adapted to Right Hand Drive during coaching session

Provento Racing driver Roberts Vitols will compete in all nine rounds of the Motorsport UK Junior Rallycross Championship, where all competitors use similar Suzuki Swift racing cars. Last year, the sixteen year old Latvian, made his debut race in the UK, showing great potential – fighting for victory and breaking the track record in the 1.3 Suzuki Swift cars. He showed great pace during the event, only to retire with broken driveshaft.

Vitols will compete in the Championship under the guidance of the Peter Gwynne Motorsport Ltd, a service providing company of the Suzuki Swift class. The organisation does it`s very best to ensure that all the cars are even for all competitors. The similarity of the cars is one of the main reasons Provento Racing decided to compete in the Championship. It provides that every competitor has the chance to show his pure talent and compare his skills against the other drivers.

Vitols leading the way in UK debut

Provento Racing driver Roberts Vitols: ‘The fact that we will be the first team from Latvia to build our Rallycross experience through the British motorsport, feels really exciting. It is privilege, given me by my team, to work with experienced company in the country with great marketing and motorsport traditions. It is the chance to prove myself to the specialists and organisations for possible future cooperation. And it has motivated me to work as hard as I can to be in best possible form when I will start on the grid of the first race. I had the debut race in the class last September, and it showed that I can fight for the podium in every race and hope for the Champion title here in Great Britain. I am not afraid to compete in the car with the steering wheel on the right side, which is new for me. I think it is just another element for my experience and will teach me to adapt to all kind of cars.’

‘I want to thank my team and my family. They have always helped me to move forward and to develop. It would be impossible to realise my dreams without them!

Provento Racing has obtained right-side wheel Suzuki Swift street version car, which will be used between the Championship rounds as the training car. This will help Roberts to retain the feel of the car during his time in Latvia.

Team Manager and Robert`s father Ugis Vitols says: ‘It is no secret that sometimes result of the race depends of the strength or wealth of the team. So it does not help the small and private teams to get their success and does not show the true skills of its driver. That is why we accepted the challenge of the Suzuki Swift class, where all the cars are as similar as possible. The best, most talented and skilled driver will be the Champion, but there will not be room for excuses for those behind him. Somebody will call it risky, as there is the possibility to lose. We are calling it the chance to show ourselves to the experts and specialists, who are watching young guys in every race.’

‘Roberts has made the perfect physical and mental preparation during the winter months. He has made his own training process, he is analysing details of coming season and competition. As the team and parents we are not allowed to ignore it, we must react to that. Last year in Britain we learned that Rallycross community is watching closely at this Junior class, as this could be the source of the future champions of Europe and the World. We need to take the chance to be close to this community, gather information and make new contacts. Last year`s race at Lydden Hill was really important for us, as Roberts was immediately fast, despite unfamiliar car and track. It was really important to break the track record and hear the best words from legendary specialists!’

Fun for Vitols with Gwynne during testing

Team boss of Peter Gwynne Motorsport Ltd Peter Gwynne is looking forward to the new cooperation: ‘We are pleased to have Roberts joining the Team for 2019. Roberts came over last season for a one off event at Lydden Hill and showed real potential. Competing in the one-make Swift Rallycross Championships for 2019 with its competitive racing and tight controls, it is the ideal place for learning car control, lines, use of power etc. This will give him a good foundation to progress up through the sport which is his aim, and we looking forward to helping him to work towards this. In the coaching session we did prior to the event, Roberts listened and progressed well. He was keen to learn, not just about driving, but he wanted to know how the car worked to help him understand the best way to drive it. We had a real fun weekend when he and his family joined us last time and we look forward to welcoming them back to the UK this season!’

In 2019 Roberts Vitols is also planning to complete full program of Latvian Rallycross Championship, as well as Baltic Rallycross Cup. The team is rebuilding its Peugeot Super 1600 car, as the target is to win both Championships. Last year Roberts became runner-up in Latvian Championship, but in 2017 he ended his first full season in the touring car as the North European Zone Rallycross Champion in NEZ 1600 category. Before that he has got Champion titles and victories in children Mini Buggy autocross, Latvian and Baltic karting and North European Crosskarts.


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